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"We may represent the cruise lines, but we work for our clients"

"I took my first cruise in 2000, and had no clue on how to go about booking one.  Sian and Greg, the owners and cruise consultants, did a phenomenal job getting our group on the cruise line that best suited us."

- Laurie G.

Boulder, CO


Voyages to explore Asia

The Far East captivates the imagination and transcends exotic fantasies. Set sail over the bluest blues of the Pacific Ocean, the Luzon Strait, and the Yellow Sea. Explore from Tokyo to Hong Kong, Bangkok to Dubai, Singapore to Mumbai, Seoul to Ho Chi minh. Fill your senses with fragrant aromas of frangipani, cardamom, and jasmine, sounds of sacred chants and Buddhist gongs. Immerse yourself in cultures and cuisines so evocative they will remain woven into the vivid tapestry of your life.

The magic of Arabia

The severe, magnificent beauty of Arabia has attracted travelers for centuries. Today, you can experience its majesty from the sumptuous surroundings of your ship. See fortress-topped mountains looming over deep, clear fjords. Wander among spices and silks in age-old souks. Stand in awe before Egypt's pyramids. Discover ancient Petra carved from solid stone cliffs. Explore Kochi's labyrinth waterways. Everywhere you look your gaze is rewarded with another forgettable vision.

Take time in the Southeast

Travel throughout the Southeast in signature style. Iconic Hong King, bustling Bangkok and vibrant Singapore offer their own unique charms, but you'll see more than that. From Vietnam's ethereal Halong Bay to the myriad islands of Indonesia, you'll venture off the beaten path to capture experiences available only to those who arrive by sea.

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