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"We may represent the cruise lines, but we work for our clients"

"I took my first cruise in 2000, and had no clue on how to go about booking one.  Sian and Greg, the owners and cruise consultants, did a phenomenal job getting our group on the cruise line that best suited us."

- Laurie G.

Boulder, CO


Set sail for the scintillating sights, sounds, and sensations of South America. Swoon over the magnificent spectacle of nature that is the amazing Amazon River, and all its colorful inhabitants. Discover the sensual Samba of Brazil and the passionate Argentine Tango. Enjoy the natural beauty of the vast grass-covered Pampas to the natural wonders of the Chilean fjords. Andean Condors soar overhead, while humpback whales, elephant seals, and theatrical penguins display their talents. From Chile to Uruguay, from the tip of Cape Horn to the top of Peru, through the Panama Canal and the Straight of Magellan, this land of Carnival and conquistadors, has so much to discover and explore.

Voyages to explore South America & Antartica

Sail the Southern Hemisphere from the tropic realm to awe-inspiring Antarctica, exploring a dazzling variety of natural, cultural, and historical attractions. Trace the Andes southward, viewing monuments of civilizations past, cities of colonial grandeur, snowcapped volcanoes and towering granite peaks. Cruise glaciers, massive icebergs and fjords rivaling the ones in the North. Thread forest on the world's largest river and stand on the last wild continent.


Explore the bottom of the world when you cruise Antarctica. Pass spectacular iceberg sculptures, discover calving glaciers and have close encounters with marine mammals. Watch for penguins, seals, whales, and spot seabirds overhead.

The southern hemisphere is yours to discover

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